The following “Code of Ethics” is a non-binding set of suggested and generalized instructions for how to use and understand this site.

Each of the items found in the “shop” is a parody of a luxury brand garment. All of the clothing photographed and used in the project is from designer houses and luxury conglomerates. Despite being from renowned houses and temples of high design, however, they are all wholly unexceptional. It is in their very banality, and as a result of it, that transformation is possible even with the very real legal protections afforded to these multi national corporations.

Users can select a size from the drop down menu shown on each “product” page and download a free file for personal use. All files are ready to be digitally printed onto fabric and contain the flat pattern for the selected Genuine Unauthorized garment with a chroma key (green screen) base and a transformed “censored” selfie photograph that the garment design is based on.

These garments do not recreate the item found in the photograph, but instead prioritize the flat photographic silhouette of the selfie. The sandwich-board-like construction allows the parody photograph to remain uninterrupted. The sizing of all Genuine Unauthorized Clothing Clone Institute garments is generous by design. Further alterations to these patterns are both welcome and encouraged. All of the items photographed on this site are a size small.