Marc dress

The Genuine Unauthorized Clothing Clone Institute: Marc Dress

This unauthorized garment is an official non-collaboration with Marc Jacobs™. It is a Project G.U.C.C.I., and being a project G.U.C.C.I. it is officially NOT a Marc Jacobs™. While this dress wraps not once, but twice around the body creating multiple possibilities for styling (!), it is in no way affiliated with Marc Jacobs™, its majority owner LVMH or any license or retail partner.

Genuine Unauthorized Clothing Clones are designed to be digitally printed onto fabric and sewn at home. They are not for sale but are instead free to download. Each PDF file contains a full garment pattern with an unauthorized image of the original luxury garment transformed through censorship pixelization. The $795.00 USD Marc Jacobs™ garment featured in Look 02, was selected for unauthorized selfie cloning because it could be any dress created by any designer anywhere vintage or new.

Taking the opposite approach to the original parodied garment, Project G.U.C.C.I. patterns are designed to have a generous fit that lends itself to individual customization. This design features a double wrap creating an envelope effect. Two snaps close the back panel and a fabric belt attached to the front finishes the dress. The belt can be worn tied in the front, back or sides of the garment. The sleeve design features several easy to sew pleats that create volume at the shoulders. Unlike most luxury garments designed for women, this one features two pockets that you can actually put things in – creating the true luxury of utility.

Project G.U.C.C.I.’s model is wearing a size small. Look 02 is available in sizes extra small through extra large. To download your size, simply click on the link below that lists your size. For more information about fit and making adjustments to your pattern, please visit our sizing page.

Look 02 size extra small
Look 02 size small
Look 02 size medium
Look 02 size large
Look 02 size extra large